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Benítez’s safe… for now

Rafa Benítez will take his place in the Bernabéu dugout on 30th December for Real Madrid’s game against Real Sociedad. Florentino Pérez has decided to stick with his head coach barring a serious fiasco.

Florentino’s decision has overruled the Bernabéu faithful – on the warpath over the team’s current form -, and gone against the opinions of several players and the advice of some of his most trusted colleagues, who believe that he is simply prolonging the inevitable: sacking Rafa. However, the Real Madrid president is standing by what he said at his two most recent press conferences, that the head coach has his full backing. He says that he gave his word and that breaking it would betray the club’s members.

Benítez will not step down

Florentino would only lose his patience if the team’s form continues to dip, something which has not been ruled out given their current instability. Right now, the situation is at breaking point, but not enough to take such drastic action. At least, that is the president’s opinion, not that of every member of his executive team.

Benítez’s future has Real Madrid on tenterhooks and only one thing is clear: he has no intention of stepping down. In fact, the thought has not even crossed his mind. If Florentino wants to dispense with his services, he will have to give him the boot.

In the midst of all this, Benítez has taken refuge in Liverpool with his family. He is obviously concerned about the delicate nature of his position but has not forgotten his responsibilities as Real Madrid’s manager.

The team’s poor run of results and a feeling that he does not have full control over his dressing room, and that all eyes at the Bernabéu are on him, have Benítez on the ropes. Despite that, he is convinced his hard work will pay off over time. He clings to that conviction and refuses to throw in the towel. The only thing he is focused on is returning to Valdebebas on 27th December to remedy the situation.

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